• SSI providing Radio Communications Control Software for the Royal Australian Navy - Click here to view the Press Release.
  • March 5, 2014 - SSI awarded 5 year contract for Information Technology (IT) consulting services with the County of Ocean. SSI has been awarded a 5 year contract to provide a full range of IT services to support and enhance the Ocean County Government's information technology initiatives. This contract may also be used by local Government organizations within Ocean County via the "County Cooperative Contract Purchasing System".
  • Software Support Activity for ALRE at NAVAIR Lakehurst - SSI was awarded a Navy Seaport-e contract in December 2014 to provide technical support services to the Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR), Lakehurst, NJ. For this 5 year contract SSI will be providing in-service engineering and technical support for Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) software intensive in-service programs including the Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS), Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG), Advanced Recovery Control (ARC) System and others.
  • Shooter Tablet System - SSI has been awarded a contract to develop a tablet computer-based Catapult Capacity Selector Value (CSV) Calculator system to replace the current manual calculation process used by the Shooter station on Navy aircraft carriers. In October 2013 SSI responded to the Navy's Rapid Innovation Fund open request for white papers, proposing technology insertion solutions to improve war fighting capability. A full proposal was submitted in March 2014 and a contract was awarded for SSIís proposed solution.
  • Expeditionary Airfields (EAF) - SSI assisted in obtaining $5 million dollars for Joint Base MDL for an EAF Tri-Service Technology center. EAFs position air support assets including helicopters, vertical takeoff fighters and other platforms close to the fight to provide a rapid response to calls for support. Locating an EAF Tri-Service Technology center on JBMDL would support technology improvements, system testing, operator training and rapid deployment/response. Treating EAF technology as a tri-service initiative is anticipated to substantially reduce the cost of this capability while improving capability.
  • Equipment Planning and Management System (EPMS) - SSI recently completed the implementation of its EPMS product for an international consulting and technology design company headquartered in New York City. Click here for the EPMS Product Data Sheet.
  • County Health Regulatory Inspection System (CHRIS) - SSI implemented its CHRIS product for the Ocean County Health Department, providing the Department with a fully automated and mobile public health inspection solution. Click here for the CHRIS Product Data Sheet.
  • Asset Control and Tracking System (ACTS) - Through a recent project engagement with the US Navy, SSI developed ACTS to provide a technologically advanced system for the management and tracking of valuable organizational assets. Click here for the ACTS Product Data Sheet.

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