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In today's world of competitive and sophisticated expansion scenarios, there is little room left for organizations to look at their enterprise information security posture. In any IP network, almost every device starting from firewalls to servers generates logs of the traffic it carries, the transactions it makes and the activities it conducts. This data is vital to secure the enterprise network. But monitoring thousands of devices, where each device produces thousands of events, every second of a day can be a mammoth task. An important driver of outsourcing security services is to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and to reduce cost, especially in the current environment of highly constrained security budgets where it is almost difficult for organizations to defend themselves against emerging threats and at the same time maintaining the business continuity.


SSI's Managed Security Services Offerings

SSI Managed Security Services, is able to offer real-time protection to the organizations, thereby reducing the risks in today's ever-changing security threat environment. Balanced approach, maintaining compliance, proactive security stance, technophobic to techno centric focus and flexible delivery model is what SSI managed security services offers to its customers. The service offerings are bundled in a manner so as to take care of the entire security operations of the customers' infrastructure environment.


Key Highlights & Benefits

  • 24X7 Monitoring & Management: we offer 24X7 Monitoring & Management for Security Devices, network devices, Servers, databases, applications and Endpoints using SSI Security Event Correlation framework to ensure response to threats in near real time as they are detected in customer's IT environment
  • Flexible service delivery models: We offer managed security services through a flexible service delivery models whereby our customers can leverage on the investment made by SSI in people, processes and tools. This offers our customers a strategic advantage in a way that they can use their resources in other productive areas
  • Service Delivery Using ITIL/Best Practices: SSI managed security services are aligned with ITIL based processes for service support and service delivery. This coupled with SLA's will ensure SSI is able to provide services which will be consistent and predictable
  • Meeting regulatory & compliance requirements: Our offerings provide strengthened security and better compliance to regulatory requirements e.g. PCI, FISMA, NIST, HIPAA, ISO 27000

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