The Aviation Data Management and Control System Block II project to reengineer aircraft carrier flight deck operations to increase warfighting capability while significantly reducing crew size and ship operating cost. The project is in development with an integrated Navy/SSI team. The system integrates all functions required to plan and execute air operations including mission planning, weapons, fuel, ship maintenance, aircraft maintenance, aircraft handling, flight deck management and others.
Following fleet review of the prototype engineering model, OP NAV has moved to make ADMACS Block II an ACAT 1 program with full funding for system development across the entire carrier fleet starting in FY '07. SSI has been a partner with the Navy in evolving this new carrier operating concept which is anticipated to reduce ship crew approximately 35 sailors per ship, improve the capability to provide sustained air operations and expand the number of daily sorties. ADMACS Block II substantially increases the warfighting capability of our existing carrier fleet.


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