This system addressed aircraft carrier catapult and arresting gear preventative maintenance (PM) needs. The legacy approach to equipment PM required sailors to perform accurately scheduled inspections and take readings recorded manually on paper for subsequent summary and analysis. The sailors performing this function also operate the equipment and their workday often exceeds 20 hours each day. Working at this tempo of operations, operator errors occur resulting in unnecessary maintenance being performed or required maintenance not being performed causing excessive workload or crew/flight safety situation. SSI evolved a concept employing handheld computers to capture reading data and perform immediate analysis providing equipment status to the sailors. The system also summarized the data automatically for supervisors and provided a daily summary to the Lakehurst NAES Station for equipment status review.

SSI developed the system concept for this application, prepared the proposal to solicit $500K funding from the Navy eBusiness office and developed the system employing SSI, Navy and subcontractor personnel. The system was deployed on the U.S.S. Harry Truman 90-days from receipt of funding. The system reduced V2 Division workday by 6 hours per day (20 hours/day to 14 hours/day) and has a five-year ROI of $47M for the carrier fleet. This system won the Industry Advisory Council Top 5 award and the DoN CIO award.


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