Medicaid Billing
Medicaid Electronic Data System


Specialty Systems, Inc.ís Medicaid Electronic Data System (MEDS) provides a complete turnkey solution for the administration and billing of State of New Jersey Medicaid transactions in a certified HIPAA compliant Health Care Claim Professional 837 Medicaid Standard EDI format. The system provides a means to set up all required codes, provider identification numbers, and client information that is required for the successful creation, transmission, and tracking of the HIPAA compliant Medicaid billing transactions.


As a complete turnkey solution, MEDS provides the ability to perform the following functions:


-Maintain All Required Billing Transaction Codes
  • Billing Categories
  • Diagnostic Codes
  • Procedure Codes
  • Medicare Assignment Codes
  • Patient Signature Codes
  • Place of Service Codes
  • Release of Information Codes
  • Types of Service Codes


-Maintain Client and Case Worker/Supervisor Information
-Billing Transmittal
  • Selectable Billing Cycles Ė Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Creation of the Professional 837 Medicaid billing file for user-invoked transfer to Unisys
  • Client Billing Status Update Process
  • Billing Audit Reports


  • Client Information Report
  • Billing Information Report
  • Case Manager Claim Form Report
  • Case Manager Visit Report
  • Employee/Case Worker Information Report


MEDS is a web-base, menu driven software application. The only software required on the userís PC is the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (see System Requirements) and an Oracle Java browser plug-in, which is downloaded to the userís PC the first time they access MEDS.


System Requirements

The MEDS software application is a web-based application. The software requires two servers a database server to house the Oracle Database Server software and the MEDS data and an application server to house the Oracle Application Server software and the MEDS programs. Client PCs can access the MEDS application over a local area network or wide area network/Internet connection.


Client PC - Any PC capable of running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater and Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.


Database Server
  • Processor - Pentium III Xeon 1.8 GHZ, 512k Cache
  • Memory - GB Main Memory
  • Disk - Five 18GB Drives (Op Sys Drive Mirrored, 3 Data Drives RAIDed)
  • Operating System - Windows 2003 Server


Web Application Server
  • Processor - Pentium III Xeon 1.8 GHZ, 512k Cache
  • Memory - 2GB Main Memory
  • Disk - Three 18GB Drives (3 Drives RAIDed)
  • Operating System - Windows 2003 Server